February 26, 2021

News you can almost count on!

Lancaster city voted nations first Escape Room city

Lancaster- Lancaster city has been chosen as the nations first fully recognized Escape Room city, the City of Lancaster said Friday morning.

“We are pleased to report that as of this morning we are the first city in the US to reach federal guidelines that consider us an Escape Room city” the city said.

They continued with saying “This is a great accomplishment for Lancaster, the new title will bring with it thousands of visitors and their tourist dollars.”

Lancaster Underground spoke with several city residents to see there take on this new title. Most seemed concerned with the status of the current road closures on Prince, Lime, Chestnut, King, Queen and Vine.

“I left my car on Walnut two weeks ago… Its still there so I cant complain” – Gerald Zook, 56

“How can something be a room and a city?” – Jenna Baker, 32

When the city commissioner was asked how they planned on dealing with all the tourists that would inevitably be stuck here due to gridlock his only response was to hum Hotel California and slowly walk away from the mic.

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